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Monday, June 25, 2012

MSNBC: LA's Levitated Mass: Is it art? Or just a rock?

I am not so sure I would feel very comfortable walking into that long groove with a 340-ton, 21-foot high granite rock balancing above my head. I have no doubt the artist and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art both ensured it is perfectly safe, but still the 'ant-being-crushed-by-a-grain-of-sand' syndrome rears its ugly head just thinking about it.

As to the question whether this "Levitated Mass" is art or just a rock then I would tend to say it is and arty rock. When looking at it from the front, it pretty much resembles the head of a dinosaur, but taking a peek at it from the side and the back then it unmistakably is what it is; a rock.

According to the artist, "Art is made to memorialize time," and "A culture is known by its art, not by its science." If this artistic rock is supposed to depict today's culture and functions as a reminder of today's time to future generations, then I have some serious questions as to what it would memorialize.

That the world and life as we know it can come crashing down any second???



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