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Saturday, February 15, 2014

CNN: Deer hitch ride via hovercraft

Looking back at the past, we should have been aware of the fact that evolution is still ongoing. With that in mind, we may be heading towards trouble in paradise. Maybe we are already confronted with it and are not seeing the writings on the wall?

Maybe the writings in the media are subtle hints of how animals are slowly but surely stepping up the ladder. The mentioned deer in the title of the post already know that it is much easier to hitch a ride than to waste their time and energy on walking.

It also turns out that bats are not as blind as we assumed: CNN: Eek! Bats invade apartment building. They clearly noticed that having a roof over their heads was the route to go where evolution is concerned. They couldn't resist the inevitable any longer and finally caved in.

The most impressive signs of evolution however came from reading the following headline: CBS: Surfing pig catches waves, turns heads in Hawaii. No, pigs may still not be able to fly, but they sure are heading that way and this one is definitely bringing home the bacon.

How about this one: Fox News: Couple who 'owned no sheep' get $300G in wool loans? Is counting all those sheep before falling asleep nothing but a pipe-dream? If they are not yours then whose sheep are they?

I better shut up. Before we know it we may be paying taxes over them. That would be harder to sell than a so called affordable care act and would not be very much in line with evolution.

More with revolution!



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