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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

CNN: Facebook rumors: Fact vs. fiction

It is quite an interesting article if you like to know what all the commotion is about, what to expect and/or believe and which fact is actually true or false. That doesn't mean the rumors have been eliminated from the Internet; don't be surprised if new ones rear their ugly heads and spread around like wildfire.

We are creatures of habit and I sympathize with those who finally have gotten used to a certain concept and are suddenly faced with changes. That upsets the applecart, because not all change is good or better and new applications have to be mastered all over again.

Lets' face it; when reading a book you got to turn the page at one point and the 'authors' decided now was the time to do so, whether you are ready or not. Don't worry, eventually you will adapt to the changes.

No, you can not accommodate everyone and there will always be complaints. We have to be realistic though and not believe all we read on the Internet is true. Let's just stick to the facts, but that leaves me with one concern.

How do we know that the facts are true?



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