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Thursday, September 22, 2011

CNN: Happy Hobbit Day!

Eh, well thank you. I had no clue that was today and I wished I had known this before; I would have brought out the party supplies for this unique event and send out some invitations.

Oh well, lesson learned and I will keep it in mind for next year, or is this not going to be an annual celebration? I would be surprised if it isn't, we don't need many reasons or justifications to have a ball.

Let's see what else we should prepare for; Spock's Logic Day, Klingon Cloak Day, Dumbledore Day, or how about a Whatever Pops Up In Your Mind Day? I don't think I could keep up with all these special days; I am already a happy camper when I finally find out what day of the week I am living in.

Yeah, the days are starting to run together, but I suppose that happens over the years. I suspect I am getting too old for all this and am in need of a break. I am taking off for the rest of the day to participate in the celebrations of my own invention:

Hit the Wall Day!



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