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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The New York Times: Government Pays More in Contracts, Study Finds

One would expect that the best contractors who charge the least would be hired, but apparently that is not the case. It might be a good idea if the government would keep a close watch on its expenditures; it could and would save a lot of money which is not just welcome, but much needed as well.

It could well be they may be in need of some good project management software which would help them keep track of where all the money goes and assists in better coordination and schedule of the projects at hand. It is much more economical to have everything together in one place than to delegate it to a lot of different people.

Most of the times, all those different employees have no notion of what their co-worker is, or already has been doing on the project. With project management software this will be prevented, it keeps everyone up to snuff and eliminates extra, unnecessary costs.

In these difficult financial times, the government would do well leading by example. The project management software costs a minimal amount of money, but would have a huge return. We all need to be frugal, so why should the government throw money out of the window before it is even built?



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