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Monday, September 19, 2011

CBS: Duchess of Cambridge on the prowl for charities

That is very noble and I don't think Kate Middleton will encounter many problems in her quest for charities, since there are a gazillion to choose from and the only problem I can foresee, which may be a hindrance, is the language barrier.

Even that shouldn't present a problem and would be easily solved by engaging a legitimate translation service and have them translate any written document in to plain English and/or the language of the charity's country.

It wouldn't hurt to have one around permanently, because I suspect the royal couple is getting a lot of mail from foreign countries and since not everyone in the world has knowledge of the English language, the legal translation agency would have their hands full.

Kate comes across as a caring person and I anticipate she would want to answer to every letter she receives. She may be accomplished in several languages, but she is bound to run in to several which look like abracadabra to her and having an excellent legal translation would be extremely helpful.

It is doubtful Kate has much spare time learning another language and a legal translator would save her a lot of trouble. It sure is needed in order to speak the same language and be on the same page!



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