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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Yahoo!: Where the job openings are now

That shouldn't be so difficult to determine and in case you are in need of a job, you would do well to keep your eyes and ears open. As soon as a business is expanding, they may need more employees and you could be first in line.

Usually, the first indication of new or expanding businesses is when the sign 'office space for lease' disappears from an empty building. That is the time to get a haircut, polish your dress shoes and pull out your best clothes.

Another option is to call the realtor who had the office space for lease on their listings and ask who the next occupant would be. You could then give the business in question a call and ask if they happen to have a vacancy.

It is just a though, but it certainly could make a difference where the building is located and what it looks like. A really nice office space for lease in the midst of a vibrant city could result in a better paid job.

If you have no idea where the job openings are now, then you at least have a clue where to look in the near future. If you want work, you better get on the job, because they don't come knocking on your door.

You better knock on their door and who knows: you may land a job!



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