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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

CNN: Satellite fell near Christmas Island

I wasn't very keen on going outside these past couple of days, because like everyone else I too didn't have a clue where that thing and/or its remains would decide to drop. It is one of those surprises which come out of the blue and even though we were warned, you never know what will fall in your lap and when.

Yeah, you can look up at the sky, but even when you see it coming it is already too late; it can hit you with such lightening speed that you will see starts for a while to come. If you are lucky enough to survive the impact, that is.

We are not done yet; there is another satellite falling apart and looking for the nearest junk yard. At least the garbage of this one is done and over with and I am relieved it didn't come down anywhere near our dwelling quarters.

I hope it didn't cause any casualties among the inhabitants of Christmas Island and that the damage was minor to zilch. I think we can safely assume they could have done without such a treat and would rather have waited until it was time for the Holiday season to unwrap their presents.

Yeah, their Christmas came early this year!



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