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Monday, April 9, 2012

CNN: Urban trend: Raising chickens at home

I hope y'all had a very Happy Easter and aren't stuck with a stomach ache from eating too many eggs. Speaking of which; those may have come from your own chickens, since many apparently have several running around in their yards.

It sounds like history is repeating itself and we are going back to the old days when keeping chickens for the eggs and the meat was quite normal. Besides the early awakening the neighbors are faced with, it does seem to have some more disadvantages though; there are predators scouring the vicinity for a quick, easy, and cheap meal; Fox News: Crocodiles make comeback in south Florida.

Raising chickens may also be a good exercise and a help when trying to shed some pounds, because you got to get up and go out there to feed them, give them fresh water, gather up the eggs, and prep them for future consumption before you can stick them in the freezer.

In case you don't have to contend with and/or be afraid of those prehistoric monsters roaming your yard for a tasty snack, you better keep an eye on your sweet, endearing, purring pet; it may turn out to be a foe instead of a friend and beat you to your meal; Yahoo!: How clever cat raids the freezer. At least now you know why it is purring so loud.

The needle of the scales are still stuck on the same number? Yahoo!: The No.1 reason you aren't losing weight:
you don't have a cat!



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