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Monday, July 9, 2012

Yahoo!: Deadline expires for 'Doomsday' virus fix

If you didn't know it yet then you will today, because it is hard to get around the fact that the media is buzzing about the possibility that your computer could be infected and you loose any and all Internet connection.

So far, so good, we are still up and running and when you are reading this; so are you. However, what are the consequences of ABC: Malware Monday: What to Do If Your Computer's Hit? You will probably hit back, but merely out of frustration, aggravation, helplessness and hopelessness.

The result is likely a broken computer and that's okay; it had become useless anyway. There is one consolation and that is that you are not the only one; Fox News: Thousands May Lose Internet. That is of no comfort and help though, since you can't get in touch with them due to a sudden death of your network device.

In case you are all anxious about a possible blackout then imagine how all those Internet providers must feel. CBS: Web users, providers brace for loss of service. I sure hope those providers have some solutions at hand to either keep that virus at bay, or eliminate it as soon as it pops up.

The question if it is an CNN: Internet blackout: Major gripe or hype? is soon answered. Not that it will do any good if you are exempt from the media by a close down of the Internet highway. At least you can still rely on your TV, phone, and a good old-fashioned newspaper to keep up with the developments.

Don't rely on your Internet connection. You could no longer be a Web user, but literally a Web looser!



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