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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yahoo!: How ads make fast food look so yummy

For some reason the order always turns out to be a disappointment compared to the ads and I don't think anyone really cares how they make it look so yummy. What is more important is why it doesn't look as delicious and mouth-watering when we get it.

It isn't really rocket science. It is a sales pitch and just like everything else, they make it look better then it is in reality. It's like buying a shiny, great-looking, second hand car for an unbelievable low price, but after the sales is final you find out that half the engine is missing and what is left needs an overhaul.

If you expect to sink your teeth in a thick patty, piled high with condiments, covered in melted cheese and hidden under bacon, egg, and so on, you are going to be let down tremendously. But hey, what did you think you were purchasing for such a low price? You can't really complain, because you got your dollar's worth.

There is a solution to avoid the disappointment. It doesn't require much and doesn't take up much of your time either. It will look and taste just as yummy as in the ads, if not better.

Make your own!



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