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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yahoo!: Need to shred something? Get one of these

I can see the need for one of those shredding machines when you own a business and have lots of paperwork to dispose of. I suspect that is no longer the case though, because nowadays most of the important information is stored on computers, CDs and thumb drives.

Yeah, you may eventually need something to keep that sensitive information saved on those away from anyone with ill will, but hitting the delete button may already do the trick. They do have another thing in common with ordinary paper: they can't stand being exposed to heat, water and fire.

These devices have pretty much eliminated and replaced most of the paperwork and the little bit of cut down and mashed up tree product that is left and has to be thrown out safely, is not such a huge ordeal. It is quickly gotten rid off in such a way that it will be useless when it falls into the wrong hands.

Speaking of which; you really don't have to spend all that money on a shredder, because you won't need any; you already are the proud owner of two excellent ones.

They are called 'hands'!



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