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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Fox News: Retailers to allow shoppers to pay with their cellphone

I think that is a good move on the part of the retailers, but it is also very convenient for the shopper. Imagine having left the house in a rush and totally forgetting your wallet. That is not uncommon since the order of things has changed from 'keys and wallet' to 'phone, keys, and what am I forgetting? Oh, my wallet'.

It wouldn't be the first time that happens and is likely to occur again. Unfortunately, it usually comes at the most inconvenient times; when you finally come across that specific power tool you have been looking for, that desired movie which constantly had been sold out, or that lustrous piece of akoya pearl jewelry which would be the perfect gift.

And it most certainly would, because there is not a woman in the world who wouldn't want to be adorned with the sophistication, luxury, and richness these small treasures instill in them. I would advice you to keep that in mind for the Holidays; they are here before you know it.

A pearl of wisdom; don't forget your phone!



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