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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Yahoo!: New tech tools to remember names

I will never forget a face, but I can't for the life of me remember the name that goes with it, until I hear it again. This mostly pertains to people I hardly ever interact with and that is a good enough excuse for me.

I can see however how that could cause a problem from time to time, especially when your company prides itself for having a customer-friendly policy. Remembering clients' names adds a more personal touch to the interaction.

The same goes for co-workers, students, and distant relatives and although those new tech tools may prove their worth, I think it would look rather foolish asking to give you a second, pulling out the device and looking up the name of the person in question.

The new tech tools are completely useless for those who don't have or use them. Yes, those people still exist and Yours Truly is a walking testimony of that. I would suggest resorting to toronto embroidery on company's shirts which would completely eliminate the problem.

Embroidery is much cheaper and more durable then those tech tools and it saves time having to look up the name or having to go through a re-introduction; it takes but a glance to put two and two together, so to speak.

It would be great if the person's name was incorporated in the company's logo and there is no doubt in my mind logo embroidery will allow for that. That would kill two birds with one stone, but does call for a new company rule: never exchange shirts!



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