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Thursday, August 2, 2012

CNN: Expect a 2.9% pay raise next year

Nothing is set in stone where that is concerned and I don't think we should expect it, but hope for it instead, since this may prevent a lot of disappointment when the raise doesn't come through, or is less then mentioned.

Even when we could really count on that 2.9% raise, then we need to keep in mind that we probably are going to end up with an even smaller budget then we have now. A pay raise means we can contribute more to the government and since it is aching for money we will feel in our wallets.

Yes, that is something we should expect, because more income means more taxes. In case we haven't yet, we have to come up with some ingenious ways to get some more discounts or preferably a lot of freebies to make up for the loss of our hard earned money.

The latter may just fall into our laps and at least we know now where to get a free 'cup of coffee' and satisfy our caffeine craving; CNN: Caffeine found in Oregon coastal waters. It's a free for all and you can drink as much as you can digest.

We better hurry and take advantage of it while it is still (tax) free!



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