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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

CNN: Apple: No wait, we're green again

That doesn't sound like Apple has got all their ducks in a row or, sticking with the subject, has got it all in apple-pie order. They better make up their mind, because it makes a world of difference to their customers whether they sink their teeth into an Eco-friendly or an Eco-risky apple.

That is like comparing apples and oranges and the company's indecisiveness sure upsets the apple cart. On one hand it is comforting to know that their product is not easily picked apart, but on the other hand that could lead to a whole lot of rotten apples in the literal sense of the word.

It is hard to tell where they stand at the moment; one day Apple is colored green, the next day there are red flags all over the place, the day after that they assure us they turned green again and by that time, so did we.

They better get a notion quick, otherwise their apples will fall by the wayside and there will be no one to pick them up. They will spoil fast, but that is biodegradable and therefore Eco-friendly. That doesn't sound right and I suspect their switcheroo has got me dazed and confused.

How bout them apples?!



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