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Friday, July 13, 2012

Yahoo!: How to get filthy rich — don't look to wages

You don't really have to find a well-paid job in order to get filthy rich and if you have been following the news lately then you already are fully aware of that. The media has made mention of several discoveries of valuables which are worth millions and all it took was an investment in a metal detector and some time scouring Mother Earth.

I read how a little boy found some century old jewelry on his first endeavor and he is now set for life. Others found a bunch of old coins which were valued to be worth such an incredible amount of money; it knocked my socks off and these examples are only the tip of the iceberg.

I certainly wouldn't mind getting my hands dirty and find some pleasant surprises that could yield a substantial amount of money. If being in the outdoors, listening for the beeps and sounds coming from a metal detector and digging up dirt places me in the category of millionaires then I am all for it.

Should that happen then I would have no problem whatsoever giving anyone who asked or wanted to know how I got so rich the honest answer; filthy!



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