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Monday, August 13, 2012

Media Scoops

Just a few quick quirks from across the media which captured my attention and provoked some astonishment, sharp remarks, and/or perceptive thoughts on my part and I, me and myself were in agreement to not be selfish by withholding those from you.

ABC: Brain Overload: Multitasking Dangers.
You can only do one thing at the time, if you want it to be done right, that is. Good work needs time and full concentration and no matter how much we hate to admit and accept it; we still can not perform miracles!

CBS: Can the boss force you to go home if you're sick?
Some may wish he would. Don't give up; while there's life there's hope.

CNN: It's time for Shark Week.
How odd; I have had the feeling of having been thrown to the sharks for quite some time now.

Fox News: Study: Junk food laws may help curb child obesity.
Where did all those good ole' times go where we had the authority to raise, feed, and make our own decisions pertaining to our children?

MSNBC: 180-pound chimp escapes in Las Vegas — again.
This primate may either be addicted to freedom, or to gambling. Either way, it sounds like Las Vegas has just found the next Houdini.

Yahoo!: DIY fans, here are the best power tools ever.
I like work, especially when it comes to watching others and in that aspect: the best power tools are those in the hands of the ones who do it for you!



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