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Monday, August 13, 2012

CNN: How to protect your cloud data from hacks

It is not only the hacking, but also any other kind of circumstance that causes loss of data and information which you need to prevent and protect yourself against. It therefore is of the utmost importance to ensure a good back-up and secure storage is in place that has got you covered when the need arises.

That does not necessarily pertain and/or limit itself to 'the cloud' either, but also provides many benefits where it concerns restoration of all your files, archives, business data, or even your own personal folders. Everyone would profit from a good, solid Disk backup and that doesn't have to be very expensive either.

Nexsan has storage area network (SAN) solutions that suit every purpose by meeting any backup and/or storage needs and requirements you might have. These storage systems make good use of the technology of redundant array of independent disks, or also referred to as RAID.

For the non-techies among us; this technology combines several disk drive components into a logical unit which is done on different levels, hinging upon the demanded performance, and results in safe, secure, very affordable and trustworthy solutions which can be found in Nexsan's E-Series.

All those technological terms and explanations are highly interesting, but the main thing is that it works. And it does. There is safety in numbers and it seems to me that Nexsan has got that covered!



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