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Sunday, September 9, 2012

YAHOO!: Top 10 misconceptions about money.

The greatest misconception is that it makes the world go round; it doesn't. Take away all the money in the world and the earth will still revolve around its axle. So, money doesn't make the world go round, but you can go around the world with money!

ABC: The 9 Worst Picnic Foods.
If you ask me then there is only one worst picnic food; the one that attracts bugs. A better topic would have been to tell us what the best picnic food would be. My guess is that there is none.

CNN: Obama to child: Got a birth certificate?
I wonder why he would pose that question to a child. Maybe because the kid wouldn't have the presence of mind to answer affirmatively and return the favor by asking: "Do you"? Or could it be that he didn't expect the child to be sharp enough to come back with an answer like: "How would I know? I didn't build this"!

CNN: Pet alligators living in public housing.
That gives a whole new reality to the phrase 'see you later, alligator'. I sure hope those 'pets' don't bite the hand that feeds them, since they don't have any concept of what is on the menu and what is off limits. The owners better be careful: give them one finger and they take your entire arm!

FOX NEWS: Olympian sued by parents after bringing home gold.
That is one way of showing your child how proud you are of its achievements. Okay, this Olympian's behavior may not have been as good as gold, but they could at least have talked about it over dinner. Maybe they would have if she had brought home the bacon.

MSNBC: Boeing 767's landing gear door falls into street.
Wow, that came out of the blue! At least we ought to be grateful it wasn't a revolving door. When one door shuts, another opens, but I am not so sure if I would like to get a foot in this door!



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