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Monday, August 27, 2012

CBS: How the parties got their animal symbols

Even though the donkey and elephant came into existence by accident, they may have been well chosen as far as representing what the parties stand for and what to expect of them. All one has to do is look at the characteristics and traits of both animals to get a good impression.

A donkey is strong willed and will do what it wants when it wants. It can carry quite a load, but will decide to quit working at the most inconvenient and critical times and no matter how hard you would urge it on or even beat it, it will refuse to make any forward motion. It will throw a wrench in the works when it is least expected and needed.

An elephant can and will carry a much bigger load and has no problem with doing so. It has a very good memory and will learn from mistakes, associate certain circumstances and people with past experiences, and will thread with caution when circumstances get precarious. It will defend and protects its herd and fight of enemies at the first signs of danger.

Here is another thing to consider; an elephant will face trouble head on and come up with solutions. A donkey on the other hand either starts a lot of commotion, kicks anyone who will approach it and/or runs away.

I can't help it, but all that sounds way too familiar!



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