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Friday, October 12, 2012

CNN: Biden, Ryan slug it out in debate

Isn't that exactly what a debate is for, to hash it out and point out the mistakes and misconceptions in each other's beliefs and opinions? I thought so, but we can debate on this until the cows come home.

The opinions on who had the upper hand and won the debate are rather indecisive. Sure, you can sit there and be all smiles, but that doesn't necessarily mean you are taking home the prize. It only prompts the question whether ABC: Laughing Joe Steals Show at VP Debate, or if Fox News: Biden's Demeanor During Debate Called Disrespectful comes closer to the truth.

It is not surprising that CNN: Obama 'could not be prouder' of Biden, because anyone could and would have done better compared to his own performance. Considering the fact that an old pro and a newcomer in this 'arena' faced off in front of millions should not be taken lightly either.

It will still take a while before the votes are in and we will know who has the last laugh. So far, I wouldn't be surprised if the smile got wiped off somebody's face. One thing is for sure though.

He who laughs last, laughs for four years!



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