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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fox News: Michelle Obama beats Ann Romney in cookie contest

While their husbands were hashing it out in a debate last night, the ladies had a show-down of their own in order to determine who would find favor in the public's eye and come out on top.

It was a close call, but after ample tasting and consideration, the jury appointed a winner. That in itself kind of makes one wonder where the recipe came from and if it was original, but I suppose we will never know.

You have to be one tough and smart cookie at the same time to come up with not just another cookie-cutter recipe, but to cook something to perfection. It has to be something different, smell and look good, and stand out to make a lasting impression.

More importantly; it has to appeal to the majority of the taste buds and leave people with such a pleasant taste in their mouths that they want more. You know you did an excellent job when people ask for seconds.

Michelle was more successful than her husband in achieving that goal. She earned her spurs and came home with first prize. Yes, that's the way the cookie crumbles; you shouldn't expect to be victorious when people dislike what you serve up.

At least they got one victory to celebrate at the White House!



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