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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

ABC: Is Your Dog Just Lying Around? Tagg Tells You

I can see the benefits of that when it comes to digging unwanted holes and finding ways to escape, but I am not certain what good it would do knowing how much time our best friend dedicates to laying down or sitting up, running or strolling through our yard, or spends on sleeping the day away.

As far as the last is concerned, I have always been told that it is better to let sleeping dogs lie and it may just so turn out that the poor animal is simply dog-tired from standing watch all night long, protecting your home and family against uninvited individuals.

True, that is something this gadget will register as well, but you don't need it to tell you that, because you would probably already be painfully aware of your dog's activities from all the barking that went on throughout the night and has kept you from catching your necessary Zs.

This little device would be more advantageous for registering our activities and showing the dog all the statistics about how its behavior affects us on a daily basis. It would clearly indicate who the lucky dog here is and who is not so fortunate.

Don't be surprised when finding out that you can claim that it's a dog's life!



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