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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

ABC: Company Unveils $100K Stove.

When I stumbled across this headline, it made me wonder whether this stove was made out of gold, titanium, or adorned with diamonds and/or other precious stones. Neither one is the case, but it offers everything a cook could ever want, desire, and would come up with in his/hers wildest dreams.

That is really great and I can see how that would work out exceptionally well in a restaurant or look great in a million dollar home. Yes, I used the work 'exceptionally' on purpose, because I don't really see it working in our own kitchen. It wouldn't work even if it wouldn't cost us a dime and was installed for free.

It is not the lack of space that would prevent it from being used to its full potential; we could easily loose a cabinet or two to fit in a bigger stove. It is not the lack of gas or electricity hook ups either; that problem would be solved quickly and easily.

If it is none of the above then what is the problem? Well, it takes a good, creative cook to make this stove, or any other stove for that matter, work and put to good use!



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