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Thursday, September 13, 2012

NBC: Gas prices hit $9.99 in protest by station owners

That would be a direct hit to the consumers' wallets, but my suspicion is that anyone in their right mind would go to the gas stations down the road and fill up a lot cheaper. Those station owners may drive home the point, but it sure seems to me that they also drive themselves out of business.

CNN: 'The Talk' hosts' makeup-free show.
I am not so sure about their motives and what point they are trying to prove by presenting us with a 'makeup-free show, but from experience I would advice you to record it and watch it during daytime; this could prevent some possible nightmares.

Fox News: France plans 75 percent tax rate for the rich.
That is one way of getting rid of the wealthy; tax them until they are no longer rich anymore and fall into the category of the middle class. Guess who gets taxed more next? How is that for a rich idea?!

Yahoo!: Unclaimed lottery jackpots pile up.
I can't blame the winners of these jackpots for not wanting to claim their prize. We all lead by example and after the example France is planning to set, who would want to be a millionaire?

CNN: New monkey discovered.
I got a kick out of looking at this new species, until I examined it a little closer and made a shocking discovery. Okay, whoever got a hold of my picture and distributed it on the Internet; this is so NOT funny!



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