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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Yahoo!: Homeowners underwater can still refinance

This post brought to you by RealtyPin. All opinions are 100% mine.

With so many houses for sale these days it is absolutely the time to become a proud homeowner when you have aspirations in that directions, but if you like to sell your existing home and/or need financing, then there are some good options available as well.

Why not visit the RealtyPin website and list your home or find and scour through the over 1 million houses, commercial and international properties for sale and rent? It is free, quick and easy.

The site also provides real time news, tips and advice pertaining to home buying/selling, mortgages, renovations, customized profile homepages and even an opportunity to make money through home search and mortgage search widgets.

All these tools, hints, tips, and advice are free of charge and in case you like to give more exposure to your real estate, achieving an even quicker sale, then the monthly costs are more then affordable.


The interactive map helps locating your heart's desire quickly and the best and lowest mortgage rates are found even faster by making use of the site's mortgage center which searches multiple trusted nationwide lenders.

Create a free account or sign up for free with RealtyPin which can be done by using Facebook, or by visiting one of the above links, clicking the 'register' button at the top and filling out the form at the signup page.

I don't think the circumstances and the choice in homes will become more favorable then they are now and neither will the mortgage rates. We are in a buyers market and the conditions have never been better for those looking to buy a home. Don't wait till it is too late, but buy, sell and (re)finance with RealtyPin today!

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