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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

MSNBC: Why I walked out on my high-fashion job

That should be quite obvious; it demanded a high fashion wardrobe which was unaffordable with the amount that was printed on the paychecks.

Since the result of this action was being jobless and jobs are few and far between, standing out from the crowd is a must and Yahoo!: Creative ways to improve your resumé would be of a tremendous help.

Unfortunately, those creative ways were not only in high demand, but also extensively and frequently used by others and therefore lost their value. That prompted some Yahoo!: Warning signs of clinical depression and gave way too much time without knowing what to do with it.

At least all that spare time allowed for spending some quality time with the children and tightened the family bond. It also provided a painful awareness of all the annoying, racket-making toys they possessed and a very creative way was found Yahoo!: Father and son launch toy train into space, getting rid of them.

Eventually, the kids caught on and were not so happy over the fact that what went up never did come down. In order to make up for it and as compensation for their loss, the promise to provide them with Fox News: Fun School Lunches for the rest of the year was a small consolation, but a high price to pay.

Yeah, there are days when you are fighting a losing battle!



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