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Friday, September 28, 2012

Yahoo!: The best time of day to do everything

According to the studies, most people deliver their best work and are more focused in the mid-morning. They seem to loose their concentration in the mid-afternoon when fatigue sets in. Well, I wonder why that is? Could it be because they are tired from doing everything in the morning?

I know that is true in my case. Getting up early, doing as much as possible while still feeling up to speed and energetic and then crash after noon, because I am exhausted and in desperate need of a nap. I am extremely grateful for having a very understanding and easy going boss who doesn't fuss and complain when I close my eyes for a few.

Most of them would crack the whip or resort to firing the person in question. I can't blame them, since time is money and they don't pay you to sleep on the job. However, they can't expect someone to give a 100% in the afternoon when they already gave that in the previous hours. Or can they? I honestly wouldn't know, since not everyone is so fortunate to be their own boss.

I don't think I will change jobs anytime soon!



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