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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

CNN: Diaries of 3 smartphone addicts

I reckon the entries in those diaries would consist of something like this:

Dear Diary.
Today was the worst day of my life. When getting up this morning I found out I forgot to charge my phone. No problem; I was going to do that asap when I got to work, but I couldn't find my adapter after arriving there.

I suddenly realized it is still at aunt B.'s house where I had to attend that boring party yesterday. I wouldn't have known how to get through that without the uplifting texts and calls from my friends. Anyway, I couldn't concentrate all day and was really upset and angry that no one could get in touch with me and visa versa. Life had come to a screeching halt!

Dear Diary.
I went to see the doctor today because my hands are hurting really bad. I couldn't even write down my name on the paper of my geography test yesterday and hopefully the doctor's excuse and his conclusion are enough to erase that 'F' from my records.

I am glad I found this app so I can still keep updating my diary. The doc says I have carpal tunnel in both hands which may likely be from too much texting and playing games on my smart phone. Yeah right, what does he know?!

Dear Diary.
I hit the wall this morning, literally that is. I was texting my friends about what to wear tonight and ran into this brick wall which appeared out of nowhere. It left me with a big, ugly, black and blue bump on my forehead.

There is no way to conceal this for the party, unless I cut my hair and get banks, but that doesn't look good on me. I am freaking out, because I don't know what to do. At least my phone wasn't damaged!

And now you know why I'd never want a smart phone!



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