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Friday, February 28, 2014

NBC: Michelle Obama: 'We don't talk about weight at home'

I tend to differ. If there was no talk about weight at the White House, Mrs. Obama wouldn't be on a crusade against what she determined to be unhealthy foods. She may not talk about it to her kids, but she sure is talking to us about it.

Oh wait, she isn't talking to us about it, she is telling us what we can and can not eat. That is an indicator to me that she needs to sit down and get it off her chest, since keeping quiet only results in it coming out the backdoor and taking it out on others.

Another sign that something must have come up in their abode is ABC: Obama and Biden Film a Workout Video Together. I am not sure what the purpose of this video is. Is it to shed some extra pounds? Is it to be motivational and set a new trend? Is it just another diversion, or simply because they have too much time on their hands?

If it is to shed some weight, they definitely need to talk about it. If it is for motivational purposes or setting a new trend than forget about it. We are already getting enough of a work-out trying to find health insurance.

If it is another diversion than I don't think it is working and no one needs to tell us they have too much time on their hands. That is obvious. One would presume there is enough to fix and/or worry about to get the country back on track.

Oh well, actions speak louder than words!



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