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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

FOX NEWS: Can an Aspirin a Day Keep Cancer Away?

It has already been proven that a 'baby' aspirin (81 mg) can keep you from having to deal with all the scrubs you would encounter in the hospital, because the aspirin is a great preventative measure protecting you from suffering a heart attack, stroke, and/or blood cloths.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if it also kept cancer away? At least we would have a rather cheap form of prevention which is available to everyone and can be bought practically anywhere. I sure hope that studies and any more research done by all the people in lab coats will conclude that aspirin is very effective in the battle against cancer.

It would be great if something which only costs a couple of dollars can safe our life and keep lots of money in our pockets as well which otherwise would have gone towards health care costs and co-pays.

I don't think it will be at the expense of the jobs of the green scrubs; there are still too many other diseases and conditions people are faced with and the loving care of hospital personnel will always be desperately needed!



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