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Thursday, December 9, 2010

FOX NEWS: Summers Warns of Double-Dip Recession

We all know that double-dipping spreads unwanted germs around and we definitely would want to stay clear of that.

The problem is that you never can know for sure whether the double-dip occurred or not, and it may be best staying on the safe side by staying away.

I suppose that prompted the following initiative; ABC: Museum to Start Exploring Scent as Art Form. I kind of get the impression that would defeat the purpose and only result in an increased appetite.

It also could lead to ABC: Nightline: Pizza Wars since everyone is trying to promote their product and real in as many customers, based on the mouth watering smells they can fill the air with.

However, that type of food is probably on the list of CBS: Gallery: 34 Holiday Foods to Avoid which would be practically anything we would fancy. What does that leave us with? Hunger, that's right!

Don't worry; even for that someone came up with a solution. It should not be so hard dealing with the hunger pains; all you need to do is spend your money on CNN: 700,000 Xmas lights to fight hunger.

Now I also understand why the following option was given by FOX NEWS: How to Create a Caveman Kitchen. By cutting out most of the food we like to eat, we are going back to being minimalists.

Yeah, that pretty much comes down to life as it was during the Stone Age, but what am I going to tell my family when they ask what's for supper?

Eat a rock???



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