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Thursday, February 3, 2011

ABC: Obama, McCain Break Ice in Oval Office

After the race for the next President several years ago, both Obama and McCain sure took a long time to cool off. It seems however, they decided the time was right to try and warm up to each other. That is quite understandable; no likes to have to skate on thin ice all the time.

I am not so sure how that is going to fly with their supporters though. It would seem like a cold comfort to me and I wouldn't be surprised at all, if they broke out in a cold sweat and are stuck with the question what Obama and McCain have up their sleeves.

That would probably be a sledge hammer; otherwise it would be a hard call breaking the ice. On the other hand, they may have poured some gasoline on the fire in order to heat up the discussion. It is hard to tell where they are both coming from and/or what they are bringing to the table.

It may well be that McCain finally sees his chance and this is all a masquerade. After all;
revenge is a dish best served cold!



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