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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Scoop: How To Making Diet and Exercise Fun

I don't know what your New Year's resolutions are, but in case it is diet and exercise then you can certainly find some enjoyable ways of being active and loosing some weight.

You could for instance shed some of the excess weight by swinging on the music of Lady Gaga, who will be performing in the New Orleans Arena, or attend one of Katy Perry's concerts. The latter will entertain at the Palace Of Auburn Hills this coming June; you will have enough time to make reservations.

Maybe a concert does not appeal to you in which case you may consider to cheer at the NCAA Mens Basketball Tournament, which will be held at the Pepsi Center, or divert by watching a game played by the New York Yankees at the Yankee Stadium in their hometown. The cheering will be a good activity to start the exercises with.

Taking the stairs and walking up and down is excellent exercise and you can do that at your leisure. A good option would be walking around or counting stairs while watching some Freestyle Motocross at the Philips Arena.

Diet and exercise don't have to be something you dread; you sure can make it fun!



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