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Monday, January 10, 2011

CNN: The future of cars: Drivers not needed

At least that would save us some time, money, and a driver's license. Time, because we don't have to drive anymore. I suppose we simply program the destination in to the GPS and send the car on its merry way.

Money will be saved, because I suspect the car will stick to the speed limit and take the fastest route, avoiding speeding tickets and gas. Hmm, talking about gas..., would it stop automatically to fill up when the light comes on?

When a driver's license is no longer needed, it saves us both time and money. I also anticipate it will save us a lot of aggravation and road rage, since we don't have to put up with Sunday drivers anymore.

Another benefit which could come from all that is that the number of accidents would probably diminish dramatically as well; unless some weird malfunction reveals itself, of course. I guess we all know what to expect then:

More recalls!



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