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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

CNN: Vengeful guy buries car in snow

I would think this kind of defeats the purpose. It sounds more like the shoe is on the other foot here, without him even knowing it. He didn't have to work up a sweat; all he had to do was wait a night and the weather would have taken care of it.

He apparently isn't done yet: FOX NEWS: Snow-Buried Midwest States Brace for New Round and in case you find your car covered in snow tomorrow morning, you may want to ponder on the fact whether the same guy may have a beef with you about something, or not.

It is already a bad situation seeing how there are still CNN: 8 states under winter storm warnings and the end of the snow is not yet in sight. I can imagine people are getting weary of shoveling snow and get more then enough dumped on them when the sky opens up, without someone adding to it.

Oh well, at least he had to work getting his vengeance. I don't think it was bitter sweet though;

It was bitter cold!



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