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Thursday, February 3, 2011

MSNBC: How Google plans to beat the iPad

That should not present too much of a problem. The proverbial stick to beat this proverbial dog should be easily found. Oh wait, on second thoughts; a stick may not do the trick, but a stone might.

I may have spoken too soon. While pondering on this it turns out that some methods may not yield the desired effect. They will have to come up with something more substantial beating the iPad in order to come out on top.

A tongue lashing won't do it and neither will a firm hand, nor a stick. Google may find itself between a rock and a hard place and may have to resort to opening Pandora's Box, because I don't think any other trick in the book will work.

I would think that sledge hammers, chain saws, big rocks, or bulldozers, will ensure the iPads elimination. It sure will take quite some time to smash all the iPads, but it may be worth it to Google. I sure hope they have come up with some good plans; if not, they may end up being beat instead. What do you call that again? Oh yeah:

Foot in mouth syndrome!



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