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Friday, February 4, 2011

ABC: Administration Officials Discussing Various Scenarios for Mubarak's Exit

That surely must be a tough decision to make and even though CBS: Mubarak's Foes Plan Mass Rally to Force Him Out, one which should be discussed in detail and ahead of time, in order to be carried out the best way possible.

It seems like there is a lot more to talk about, before even bringing Mubarak's exit to the table; the person in question has to be willing to participate and from what I gather from this headline; CBS: U.S. Discusses Plan for Mubarak to Quit, he is still pondering on whether to call it quits or not.

I can imagine it is not an easy task having to face 'retirement' after all those years and coming to terms with it, especially when you didn't plan for it and it is forced upon you. No wonder that CNN: U.S., Egypt discuss transition plans; coming up with relocation and a hobby can be a painstaking and time consuming process.

As far as his exit goes, that should not really be much of a hassle. There are several simple and quick solutions;

The front door, the back door, or the fire escape!



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