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Monday, February 21, 2011

CNN: Why U.S. teachers are enraged

Well, who wouldn't be enraged? If you think about it then it is almost like telling the nanny her pay is decreasing because she will likely get sick and also should be putting more money towards her retirement account.

Geezz, as if she already didn't pay up to yin yang when a doctor, hospital, and/or medications are involved, and as far as her retirement goes...: what retirement?? We all are faced with CBS: The pension crisis: Promises unkept, so why waste some more money?

These teachers are playing a huge role in a child's life and education; you could compare them to surrogate parents during a large part of the day. Instead of being rewarded for all their hard labor and putting up with all that kids can and will dish out, they get punished because they are forced to pay more for their pension plans and health care benefits.

If this continues, there are going to be some very happy children soon, because 'school's out forever'!



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