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Thursday, September 29, 2011

CNN: Hilary Swank, dog kicked out cafe

Hygiene comes first and even though Hillary Swank's dog may have been squeaky clean, there is always the possibility of customers who are allergic to pets or don't like the idea of animals being around in a public establishment.

Even though this cafe didn't have any comfy shaggy rugs on the floor doesn't mean dogs are welcome. An accident can happen easily and since establishments have no facilities for dogs to do their business, they probably have no business being there.

I can imagine Hillary's home is covered with many shaggy rugs and if she is accustomed to having her dog around, she may not mind it laying on them and having to remove some stains every now and then.

We have a four-legged friend as well, but I wouldn't dream of taking her anywhere, but the vet. She is an outside dog and needs space to run and play and I would like to be able sinking my feet in shaggy rugs without stepping into an unexpected surprise.

I am sorry for both Hillary and her dog; their day probably got ruined by this experience. However, what else can you do about it, but accept?

It's a dog's life!



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