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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

CNN: Unprecedented ozone loss above Arctic

It is hard to belief how much science has already uncovered these days and it hasn't come to a halt yet; there are still so many things out there waiting to be discovered, unveiled and unraveled.

Even though the discoveries may seem new, it could well be they have existed for a long time. Since no one had the means and knowledge in the past they may have gone unnoticed, but with all our modern equipment we are just now becoming and being made aware of them.

Then again, it may very well be that we are responsible for the elevated chlorine levels in our atmosphere. Due to all our scientific and industrial evolution and revolution we have used our atmosphere as a huge garbage can and our ozone layer may not be able to stand up to it anymore.

The risk of loosing the ozone layer is that we would become exposed to harmful radiation and we sure don't want to end up as the armpit of the universe. We may as well get our heads out of the clouds, instead of being out in the ozone. On second thought; it wouldn't be such a bad place to be.

At least we would know it is still there!



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