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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

YAHOO!: Spat erupts at Scrabble competition

Games are supposed to be fun for the entire family and a family that plays together stays together. Let's be honest, everybody is in it to win it, whether it is a family game night or a competition and you have to be prepared to win, but also to loose some.

Every word that is being spelled and laid out on the table is picked apart and can make it or break a person's situation, but that is not something which is new under the sun; that's life and I would suggest getting used to it pretty quick, otherwise you are in for a huge, unpleasant surprise.

It sure sounds like one of the Scrabble players wasn't expecting anything other then a constant victory. When it didn't go the way he had anticipated, he blamed his opponent of cheating. Again; there is nothing new under the sun.

At that stage of the game, it would be wiser to come up with a new game-plan and get back in the game. That way it won't backfire and even if you would loose, at least it was fair and square and you will not end up looking like a fool, or in this case:

The biggest looser!



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