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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

ABC: Rescue from the South Pole

My greatest dislike about both the North and the South Pole is the cold and I honestly don't know why people are so drawn to them. I can see the challenge they present, looking at it from a scientific standpoint, but even that would not exceed the need to be and stay warm.

I am quite sure they have made all kinds of arrangements for keeping the temperature at an agreeable level inside their dwellings and although I sincerely doubt they are bathing in luxury by sitting in front of a Marble Fireplace, it must be working well enough to sustain them.

We don't really need a fireplace in our area; the winters are not that cold and sometimes I regret that. I really enjoy sitting in front of a fire and be mesmerized by the flames and the glowing embers. If we needed one then I sure wouldn't mind having a Marble Fireplace incorporated in our interior design.

Even though the circumstances for this rescue were far from ideal, I can imagine the person in question is grateful for not having to battle the cold anymore, at least not for a while. I anticipate, once he is fully recovered, he may want to leave the soothing warmth of a Marble Fireplace and return to this freezing climate.

Just the thought of going back there would be cold comfort to me!



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