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Friday, October 7, 2011

MSNBC: Kim Kardashian talks wedding, Kris and kids

I am glad she is talking about the wedding and their plans for the future and I honestly hope we will be hearing her talk a lot about that with joy and excitement for the rest of her life.

It would be sad if it would turn into talk about an Albany Divorce Attorney, because she can't live with her husband's 'drop where you stop' syndrome, leaving his clothes all over the floor, and how the Albany Divorce Lawyer is handling the case.

It may well be Kris can't adapt in their new home in New York and would rather live somewhere else. This could lead to serious domestic problems which even marriage counseling couldn't solve.

If they can't agree upon a solution, then it may end up in the capable hands of an Albany Alimony Lawyer or, depending in which area of New York the couple would be living at that time, with a Schenectady Family Lawyer.

Even though the couple may not have any concrete plans for a new addition to the family soon, it is in the planning. I sure hope they will overcome their differences, as so many newlyweds have, and there will never be a need for an Albany Child Custody Lawyer.

Let's just hope they are able to create a loving and caring environment for their future children and live happily ever after!



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