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Friday, October 7, 2011

CNN: $39K for a backpack?

For the ones who are avid for adventure, this may come as a shock and rightfully so, because who would want to pay that much money for a backpack? If you can afford that, you wouldn't need one; you could easily make reservations at a five-star hotel.

I shouldn't judge though. I don't know the circumstances and it could well be that the buyer took out one of those easy payday loans in order to lay his hands on this item. Still, I would envy him, because he would have a well paid job if he did.

Some of us are just glad being able to pay the bills and even that may not always be feasible. In those situations it is good to know there are some easy payday loans available to help out.

It is often simpler taking advantage of the easy payday loans then asking for a raise; the risk of ending up having to pack your bags is great these days and no one likes to jeopardize that steady stream of income.

One thing is for sure; after paying that much money for a backpack, you may not have much greenbacks left over for supplies to go in it. Without supplies there is no need for taking a hike.

That sounds like a catch 22 to me!



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