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Thursday, October 6, 2011

CNN: Mountain lions take over front porch

You sure wouldn't want those big cats taking over your front porch; not just because of the physical threat they present, but also due to the fact that they are quite capable of demolishing and chewing up your home in no time.

Just imagine they start sharpening their claws by scratching the wooden siding of your house. The least you are faced with is another paint job, unless you were wise enough to invest in vinyl siding NJ which would be well capable of standing up to that kind of abuse.

You can't just slide by with a simple touch up, because it will always show and look horrible. No, you will have to go through the whole ordeal of painting the entire house. With vinyl siding NJ you could have saved yourself from having to go through all that time and trouble.

Even when you don't find any uninvited guests on your front porch, it is only a matter of time before wind, rain and sunshine get a grip on the paint of your house and begin the weathering process. If you had vinyl siding NJ you could laugh about it and go on with life.

Yes, it is all a matter of working smart, not hard!



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