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Friday, October 7, 2011

CBS: Legal to text and drive?

It seems like people have a difficult time talking to each other these days and I don't understand why. I sometimes wonder how and where they find the time to text whatever it is they feel compelled to convey and it appears that it takes more time and effort then just having a good old conversation.

By the time they finished texting, they could have said so much more and would have all the information they needed, without having to constantly interrupt what they are doing by engaging their thumbs in relating a text message and/or a reply.

All that texting is for the birds and I find it highly annoying and extremely dangerous. I would completely understand if it was outlawed while driving. It takes away the focus of what is really important, but that doesn't seem to get through to the texters, unless it is relayed in a text message perhaps. That would defeat the purpose though, wouldn't it?

Let's talk about it for a change!



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