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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Fox News: Jobs Bill to Be Passed in Pieces?

I don't understand why this bill has to be picked to pieces and has to be present one bit at the time. If it has to go that route, then we should already be able to piece together that something isn't exactly the way it is supposed to be and the entire bill may need an overhaul.

Trying to get this bill passed has not been a piece of cake from the get-go. Sure, it makes for a constant conversation piece, but everyone wants and needs to have a finger in the pie, in order to get the best piece of the pie.

I am fully aware you can not satisfy everyone's wishes and requirements, but you can at least try to do what is best and needed. Maybe it isn't such a bad idea to tear this bill to pieces and present it that way; every bit can be blown to smithereens and guess what will happen?

It will fall to pieces!



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