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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yahoo!: Teen falls through collapsing sidewalk

That poor girl! There she was, going about her business and walking the extra mile to reach her goal, when all of a sudden the ground was being cut out from under her. No one even had the slightest notion that was an accident about to happen.

The last thing you would expect is a sinkhole lurking under the sidewalk, ready to swallow up the first, unsuspicious pedestrian who sets foot on it. Even though it is figuratively and literally speaking thin on the ground, it happens and that once again gives grounds to not take anything for granted.

We can cover a lot of ground without encountering any problems along the road, but that doesn't mean we are not treading on dangerous ground. We usually find out when it is too late and something earth-shattering already occurred, forcing us to come back to earth.

We sure want to be careful and watch every step of the way, although there is no telling when you would literally disappear off the face of the earth. It happens when you least expect it, as this teenager found out. I am just glad she didn't suffer any injuries and got back to earth safe and sound.

I have a slight suspicion though she will not worship the ground she walks on for quite some time!



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